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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The After Life

The After life….
 So what happens after three years on the road? For me it meant borrowing my sister in laws VTR250, I had the option of bigger bikes but considered them too expensive to run and way to powerful after a 350 Bullet ( Look up top speed of 350 Bullet and top speed of 1000cc Aprilia, in first gear…). I spent till Boxing Day with the family enjoying lovely fruits at my parents and BBQ at my sisters. And all those special home things that you cannot get anywhere else. 
Mum's Glass houses
  On Boxing Day my brother, nephew and I went to the Cemetery circuit Street race in Wanganui. We left Auckland at 5am and had a great ride down. Spent the day at the races then I went on south to Wellington.  While in Wellington I court up with my god son and the rest of my other family. Also managed to catch up with a couple of Uncles/Aunties, one even on his birthday.
Cemetery Circuit
 Kids in Boxes...That's four countries now, boxes are the best present.
  In the New year I started heading back up the North Island stopping in for lunch with another Uncle and on up to Taupo where I managed to see a mate from way back in the school days, I’ll contact you before I pass through next time too Drew. From Taupo I rode over to Napier to see an Aunty and another from school.  Man these North Island roads are nice I will have to do another full tour of New Zealand before my next big travel….
  From Napier I came back through to Taupo and over to Tauranga. And because I was not working and had a motorbike which I was allowed to use a bit longer, I decided to go for a run around the Coromandel, man there is some lovely riding around that area.
  So After travelling for 66,000km, to have a break, I only rode 4,000km around the north Island of New Zealand lol… It can be hard to just stop when you have been on the go for so long.
 Towards the end of January I flew over here to Melbourne and started the job hunt, and well, kept hunting for far too long. After having to bludge accommodation off my friends here in Melbourne, Thank you all for the beds it has helped heaps.  I did manage to get some labourer work for a couple of weeks ish but it has taken a long time to get what I would call an actual job.
Prices were a shock when I got back, notice the 1.25l are cheaper than the 600ml?
Some Melbourne views
The new bike heehe did not take too long, XJ900.
  So now I’m back as a drillers offside this time working on the east coast based out of Melbourne. (If you want to know what a drillers offside does…try google lol). I also managed to get a bike XJ900 thanks to Mummy and Daddy, you’ll have the money back soon…lol.
First time diamond
  But of course the big question on all your lips is, well maybe
“Have you managed to fit back into society after only 7 months?”
Mmmmm, tough question and I would have to answer that with another question
 “Did I really fit into society before I went away?”
And for the Last time......for now

Enjoy your (After) life….

Monday, December 2, 2013

Almost over

Well things have been sorting themselves out, slowly. What have I been doing, well, what I said I would do, bugger all "I'm on holiday". Of course things happen on holiday so here is some of them.

My Birthday toes

Sorry Spot you get them too

On the beach with some lovely Ladies

In Mapsua day before Dawali

For Sale (was hoping sold but not yet)

Mermaid Barbie

Barry and Faith getting ready for the slow ride

Custom Bike

But cornering?

My favourite

Remember the egg last year? think it's the same people

All the Customs at Royal Enfield Rider Mania 2013

And the fast response fire department, on Enfield's of course...

So yes I have been to another Rider Mania, Had a birthday, and got tickets home.....

"YES I Am Coming Home." this time.

I fly on the 13th from Bangalore and end up in NZ on the 16th. I will be in New Zealand till the 24th of Jan and hope to make my way around the north island and see everyone. On the 24th Jan I will fly to Melbourne and start looking for work, bit broke now lol...

So to recap...

Leg 1: South East Asia

Bike: Suzuki GN125 called Gracey
Cost: $500US in Ho Chi Minh City Sold: $200US in Hanoi Bit spent on maintenace
Insurance: $3US for a 12month Vietnam insurance. I only had to present documents at borders and to 1 police man and the insurance was not questioned. Yes the insurance would not work if there was an accident but it is valid enough to show the police.
Countries: Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Loas
Kilometers: 6,200km About that as no speedo so used google maps to work it out.

Leg 1.1: Holiday in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka

Bikes: Rentals 2 scooters and a Pulsar 135
Cost: About $15US a day
Insurance: Rentals so covered (maybe)
Kilometers: 1,759km, Total 7,959km

Leg 2: India, Nepal

Bike: Hero Honda Karizma 225 called Mule
Cost: $800US in Chennai Sold: Well given to Walish man I meet in Nepal.
Insurance: $9US for 12month India insurance, was only looked at the border.
Countries: India and Nepal
Kilometers: 15,000km, Total 22,959km

Leg 3: UK, Ireland, and Northern Europe

Bike: Yamaha Fazer 600 called Thoralen
Cost: $1400US in London Sold: Bugger all.
Insurance: $370US for 12months, it still wouldn't have covered me but it did keep the police happy. Only ever showed them when getting Tax for the bike. Got a $90US refund when I cancelled the policy.
Countries: England, France, Belgium, Netherland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Litherania, Poland, Luxemburg, Wales, Ireland, Scotland.
Kilometers: 22,000km, Total 44,959km

And the latest

Leg 4: India and Nepal, Again

Bike: Royal Enfield Bullet 350 called Faith (by previous owner)
Cost: $1100US in Goa. Sold: Not yet
Insurance: ran out a while ago did not get any more.
Countries: India, Nepal
Kilometers: 21,000km, Total 66,000km (ish lol)

  I find it funny that I spent 6 month riding Australia and did 32,000km now have done around one and a half years in India and done 32,000km lol. There is a bit more in India then Australia though.

 Well what do you say after all that. "Did anyone want anything? I'm on the way back from the shops."

Enjoy Your life 


Monday, October 28, 2013

Back in Goa for a holiday

Where I took off from for my Tandem paraglide with Steve.


   Headed out early hoping to get down to the NH1 and along there as far as possible.... took over 1.5hrs longer than I expected to get to the NH1 at Phagwara. Partly because while coming down a ruff piece of road my chain came off, possibly on a high edge in the road. So I fixed it up and carried on. Once on the NH1 I thought it would all get good as the road from Amritsar to Jalanhar which is marked on the map as a normal road is a lovely dual carriageway. But from Phagwara for about 100km is under construction even though on the map it is marked as a completed motorway... this is India. I only made it down to Ambala so hopefully get a bit more distance tomorrow.

Just on the side of the road a while before the motorway


Headed out early and the road is finished, mostly, a lot of McDonald's along this road and they seem to be targeting rick India's. Now there are enough of them but all the McDonald's are in the middle of no where so they are building a shopping mall at each one to bring in customers lol. Of course at $5 for a burger and fries you could feed a family for a few days on that much. Turned off a bit early and ended up going down back roads till Sonipat for a while. Bent my Carrier a bit on some rail track that was beside a track in the long grass. Did not come off but it is a bit bent now. Finally made it back to the motorway at about Bawal then made it down to about 80km north of Jaipur

he is small but you see the Rickshaw parked over the line of the middle and outside lanes......well it is on a jack and the driver has taken the wheel to be fixed lol. If that was NZ, Oz, UK it would be a pile of bits scattered along the motorway, or in the impound. But This Is India lol


   Headed out early for Jodhpur... when I got down to Beawar I discovered that it was the same distance to Udaipur. I had found a lot less information about Jodhpur so I asked a local man running a chi stall if Jodhpur was worth visiting and he said Udaipur was better. So I just kept heading south instead of west.
  Had a lovely meeting with some local farmers at one stop. They where doing the hay stacks and saw me parked up. They eventually came over and ended up showing me what the crop was (not sure lol) and how heavey the bundles where (not as heavey as a conventional hay bale). Also showed me the tractor and disks. Hen at the next stop meet a family getting some water with a kid (baby Goat) they where a bit scared of me until the father turned up.
  I made it down to Udaipur easy enough but it did take a while to find a place to stay.

Family with Kid
Where is Devgarh,_Rajasthan With a population of 16,500 I'm surprise to see this. Very clever. Made me stop and meet the family above. While recharging my phone using my laptop on the side of the road.... lol lucky they never come near and I had put it under a bush a bit. I would have been embarrassed trying to explain why I had a laptop out on the side of the road if they saw it.

Udaipur photo that got loaded in the wrong place... and the remove/size bar has disappeared.
22/10/13 to 23/10/13

   Went for a walk around the town and the lake (a bit), also a boat trip around the lake, and the Palace. I have to say the Palace is one of the best organised and rebuild monuments in India, well worth a visit), although the entry is INR100 and INR225 for camera so I did not take my camera in. It is a bit strange pricing but worth taking the camera in I think.

Bloody graffiti this is the only time I have seen it since Europe, and to do it in such a beautiful town.... grrr

 Temple near the Palace

Temple near the Palace

View from the old wall

Another one in the wrong place. This was not far from Goa in south Maharashtra


   Headed out early for another day on the motorway... made it somewhere near Surat.


  Leaving early meant not too bad down to Thane (near Mumbai) once there I found the motorway to Pune was actually and Express way so no Motorbikes aloud, grrr. So I decided to take the NH17 straight down. Till the turn off to Alibag (don't miss it it is under construction and you end up doing a 50km return trip if you do) the road is shit. After getting back to the right road I made it a bit further down when it started spitting so I checked into a hotel, not before you say pussy. I had to cover bags and self if I keep riding and would have only gone for about another hour as it was getting dark. Also when it rain it pissed down so I would have stopped in a shop and waited any way.


   Another early rise....but this time a lovely ride down through the hills along the coast, although I did not see the sea very often if at all. It started raining at one point but I just put everything under covers and rode on, without putting my wet weathers on, jeans needed a wash anyway and they where dry within the hour.
  Very happy to arrive in Arambol. Stopped and had a chat to Dean then came around to the hotel Judy stays at and got a room, then off to Relax Inn for a lovely stake for dinner (have not had one of those since, since last time I was at Relax lol.

26/10/13 to (12/12/13)

   Yes getting ahead of myself a bit here but if you look at this time the last couple of years you will see what I am about to do... but if you are too lazy to look. I will be eating, sleeping, relaxing, watching TV/movies, playing games, socialising, listening to music, playing with my self, maybe even playing with others if they ask nicely lol. Birthday tomorrow which is why I'm doing this, party time, hehe.

Enjoy YOUR life

Friday, October 18, 2013

In Bir heading south


   Woke up and thought yes here we go.... but no the clouds came in. So went for a ride up to the take off point and ended up chatting to a guy and thought wait why don't I go to Ameritsar and come back when the weather is a bit better.
Mum what is this called

I think it is a vine

With cool buds/flowers

And berries afterwards


   So headed out after helping some friends to find the hotel I was staying in as the police where in the village checking for Tibetan hostel with guests who do not have a permit to stay in the village.
This meant I was a little later going and so when I got to Pathankot and spotted an Enfield shop I decided to stay in the hotel next door and see if they could help with the timing. But either they do not know how or did not understand what I was after so I stopped them playing and left. I think they are just use to working on the new ones now.


   Headed down to Ameritsar 4 lane road being built so a shit ride really.


    I decided to head around by cycle rickshaw to see the Golden temple etc. was first time in a long time on one, I normally walk. Then in the evening went out to the border for the show, I have to see it from the other side one day. Later in the evening while moving the power board I pulled my phone off the table and face first onto the tiles.
Golden Temple

Durgain temple

The border show/close


   So I decided to stay another day and get a new screen for the phone (INR3,500 and now it says T mobile at the top, funny how I am getting an England/Europe made screen in India and it probably still cost a lot less than getting it fixed in UK or Europe would have, but that is labour costs for you. And now there is no water damage to it after washing it in Nepal)


   Set off along NH1 towards Kartarpur intending to head to Hoshiapur and up to Jogindernagar... But I took a wrong turn onto the road heading up to Pathankot. So changing the route a bit I turned off at Mukerian and through Talwara to Dera. He road from Talwara through Dada Siba is lovely little ride with very little traffic and I recommend it to anyone in the area. I decided to stay in Dera because the sign for the rock temples said Monolithic rock temples and that sounds interesting so will head there in the morning before checking out and heading to Bir again.
Bit like Angkor Wat
And loved the fog

Earthquake damage from 1918

The Baba Dog giving spiritual advice for all. Rest your mind lol

Weather not there yet

10/10/13 to 18/10/13

   Sorry for being so slack with the blog. Since Leh when I realised I only have 3 months left of my trip I wanted to be on holiday. I have finally made a Para glide in Bir so heading south tomorrow and will hopefully be in Goa for my birthday and a holiday before heading home. This means the blog will probably become even slacker lol.
  Anyway the ride back to Bir was nice and relaxing after doing the rock temple in the morning. Had a wonderful mist at the temple. Then the weather still had not improved enough here for a long fly so headed over to Kullu to see Antony and the festival which was on at the time. Very interesting doing 2 nights at the festival one on my own and then one with some young single Indian guys..... definitely see it differently depending on who you are with.
  Got back to Bir early today and got to go for a fly. Was awesome and well worth waiting for the better weather.

 Sorry no photos from fly yet.

Enjoy your life 

PS. It has come to my attention that some of the people who receive my blog by email are replying to that email. This is a no reply email if you can I would love to read any replies you have sent so if you can forward them to my email I would love it. Yes all 3 years worth please lol. No seriously all of them.